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Are You Keeping Yourself Safe When You Are Online?
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Whether using a computer at home, work or at a public access point we all need to be aware of the importance of keeping ourselves safe online. This can affect anyone and not just people who bank or shop online.

The advice here is freely given and provided for your own safety and security.


Please take time to go through this section - or download it as single document if you prefer – Staying Safe Online Tips & Advice.  
For many of us computers remain a bit of a mystery – even though we may be reasonably confident to write letters or surf the internet with.

We know that things can go wrong – especially when using the internet but what goes wrong and why is something we try to ignore as best we can.

We tell ourselves that we’re only looking at a few web pages or sending the odd email – what could possibly go wrong?

Generally, most peoples idea of keeping themselves safe online comes down to avoiding websites that are on the borderlines of legality and having an anti-virus system installed on their computer. OK, this will help – but only to a point!

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