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How Online Forms Work
Single Line Text Boxes
These are used for basic information - such as your name or part of your address. You can type in what you want but you are usually restricted to how many words or characters you can use - here we have restricted what you can enter to just 12 characters - have a go at typing something in.
If you try to type in more than 12 characters the box just won't let you!
Multiple line text boxes
These text boxes allow you to add in more than one line of text and are often used to ask for your address or for comments etc. Here we have limited you to 30 characters wide and 6 lines of text. Again have a go and type something in...
Check Boxes
These are multiple option answers that you can choose more than one answer to:
I like the following foods:
Pizza Curry Fish & Chips Bacon & Eggs Vegetarian food only None of these
Radio Buttons
Unlike check boxes you can only ever have one answer selected at any time.

Drop Down Menus
Again, these give you multiple choice answers but you can only select one of the options available:
I live in:
Whe you are filling in online forms - if something isn't working it doesn't automatically mean you have done something wrong!

If you miss an answer most forms will tell you - often by highligting the missed answer in red.

Most online forms don't usually let you move on to the next section until all the required information has been given.

This doesn't mean you have broken a form - it just means you forgot to tick a required box or something similar (its usually the box with the small print that says somehing like "I agree to the terms and conditions etc that most people miss).

We can't replicate all these features here I'm afraid, as such technology is quite costly to develop and we have a limited budget!

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By using the practice forms I accept that the materials provided are for training purposes only.
SCIPS does not accept any liability nor responsibility for the security of any personal data entered onto the training system.
Users are advised that the forms do not store or capture data but for their own security should not enter their real personal details onto the training system.
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